Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beloved (Baby Suggs)

Baby Suggs the mother-in-law was very important part of the story I thought because she seemed to be guiding light and wisdom that Sethe needed to get her through some difficult times. Throughout the story there was continuous mentions about her during and after she had passed. Being a former slave like most of the characters were she worked and sacrificed for own children as well as eventual grandchildren not only at Sweet Home but other places like the Garniers's place an other's as well. Sethe was technically married to her son Halle so after he went away to never be seen again Baby spent a lot of time with Sethe and the children. It was my understanding that Baby put forth the money for the home at 124 and helped Sethe to that 80 acres of land into a loving home. I was kind of confused about the haunting that were mentioned because I didn't know for sure if it was Baby Suggs spirit haunting the place or someone else that part kind of lost me along the way. Baby Suggs was traveled lady who suffered through the rigors of slavery and never gave up hope of owning some land and being free to do with it as she pleases. She seemed a good mother-in-law because Baby appeared to be supportive and helpful to Sethe at Sweet Home and 124. I think during Baby's time at 124 she was probably the backbone or the inspiration that kept the family going during tough times and she was obviously a loving mother to her own children.

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