Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beloved (Sethe)

She was certainly a character who went through plenty of emotional up's and down's throughout the story. Not only was she reflecting on her days at Sweet Home when everyone was together, but she was on the run making here escape with everyone else in the group. Reading about the condition her body was in when Sethe met Amy was rather disgusting I must admit, but that what the slaves went through to try and achieve freedom I'm sure was worth it to them. During Denver's early years and the beginning days of there home at 124 Sethe seemed to be somewhat stable emotionally until Paul D. enters her life because all the memories of 124 come back to mind especially because she don't know what happen to Halle. At first she seemed like she didn't really have much interest in Paul D. until having sex the first time seem to change her thoughts about the idea of having a man around again. Everything seemed to be going great with them for a while like having sex regulary until Beloved entered the story then their relationship seem to go backwards in a hurry. It was evident that Paul D. didn't like Beloved and Sethe becoming very defensive of her caused them to not last much longer not to mention what took place in the shack. I do wonder if it would have made a difference if Sethe would have told Paul D. up front that Beloved was her daughter because I thought maybe his frustration came from this strange girl who wondered up and all the sudden she's more important than him. As would turn out though Paul D. was right about Beloved because she drove Sethe to her death bed or near it by the way the last section of the story implied. I never read that Sethe died only inferred it, but I think Beloved drove Sethe to the break of insanity, depression or guilt for leaving her behind those many years ago. I never did really understand the parts about her being jail and I thought I read a few times she killed a child or children of her own; therefore I was sure if I maybe misunderstood or misread those parts. If that was indeed true than that really makes me change some of my opinions about her.

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