Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beloved (Paul D.)

At first when Paul D. entered the story my first impression was that he might a vagrant or some kind of bum or something, but I was wrong he turned out to be a good guy after all. I think given the path it took for him to get to 124 I could understand why he seems a bit reserved at first about letting his emotions take over. I thought he done what he could do to prove to Sethe that he really wanted to be at 124, but at the time it looked like Sethe wasn't sure if she was ready to love again yet; however she did come around some and invite him to live with them at 124. I thought it was interesting the things that unfolded between Beloved and himself. There was just something about her he just didn't like the moment she came into the house; however I guess he had some mixed feelings towards her maybe thinking there is something peculiar about her. His conflicted feelings towards Beloved definitely caused some friction between them which led him to sleep in the shack for a while. This was where I thought the story made a bizarre twist when Beloved was sneaking out to the shack to force herself on Paul D. which put him in a most uncomfortable position. I not saying what he did was right, but that is certainly an unpleasant position to be in as a guy when a lady is practically throwing themselves at you its definitely hard to say no regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately, with what happened in the shack and the friction in their relationship led him to leave 124 and strangely ended what they had started prematurely. Given what happened in the shack I thought his feelings towards Sethe were sincere and he really cared. At least at the end their paths crossed again once Beloved was gone, but it looked to be probably according to the last page or two.

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