Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beloved (Denver)

Looking back at Denver I drew some my own impressions about who she was or what she was like. She seemed like a daughter who loved her mother very much and really cared about her feelings or emotions. I think Denver's emotions may have became somewhat confused when Beloved came into the household because it looked to me like more of the attention may have been focused on Beloved more than herself. I know her emotions shifted back and forth during the story because at first she thought that Beloved was the one that was chocking Sethe; therefore for awhile Denver had a close eye on Beloved every time Sethe and her were together. She seemed very skeptical of Beloved for a while until she found out Beloved was her sister then her attitude towards her seem to change dramatically for the good. She suddenly went from being skeptical of Beloved to being protective and even at one point thought Sethe might kill Beloved even. Of coarse,there were moments when the three of them seem to gel together and enjoy each others company too. I didn't think Denver was ever all that comfortable during the time when Paul D. lived with them either. This was probably hard to understand at first for Denver having Beloved and Paul D. now living in their home neither of which she new very little about at first. I noticed her attitude towards Beloved changed again toward the end of the story when she saw what Beloved was doing to her mother mentally and physically destroying her. I thought it showed a great deal of love and strength for Denver to go out to find work to help take care of Sethe and bring some food into the house. The haunting's were obviously difficult to deal with during her younger days, but it seem like Denver learned how to deal with it as she got older. I believe she may have been the most emotionally stable character in the story with the exceptions of her being cautious or scared at times.

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